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Timelines and Maps …

Published August 3, 2012 by Ema Volf

I’ve had a map and floor plans to make sure I stay consistent in my book with what is where. Today I started a timeline to make sure the times stay consistent as well. I have to say, I’m pleased with how it’s turning out. I also have to say that the extra step to do all these is definitely worth the effort and time. Just my random observations. It really does seem like a lot of work, but far less mistakes are made that way. The mistakes that are made are easily noticed and corrected.

Anyways. Back to work before these storms knock out my power. Or I fall asleep. Whichever comes first.


Author Bio – FINAL! *Dies*

Published August 2, 2012 by Ema Volf

It’s definitely starting to feel real now! I also spoke with a friend of mine about the cover today! She’ll start working on that soon too! I’m so nervous! I was so calm earlier but now it’s just REAL!

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I got the bio DONE! And I won’t have to mess with it again!

Ema lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, son, cat, two dogs, chinchilla, and bird. She spends her days trying to balance the never-ending work of a homemaker and the schedules of all members of her household while remaining relatively sane.

An avid reader, what time she has to herself is usually spent buried in the pages of a book. She enjoys nearly every genre, but particularly enjoys paranormal fiction of all types and age ranges.

While she constantly has stories and characters rolling around in her head, Avery called to her the loudest. After several months of conversing with Avery, Ema decided to put pen to paper and let others visit Eirny and its beloved residents.

For more ramblings from the mind of Ema, along with shoutouts and reviews of books from other authors, check out her blog found at https://emavolfauthor.wordpress.com. If you would like to contact her, send her an email at emavolfauthor@gmail.com! She would love to hear from you!

So I’m back to finishing this final editing nonsense tonight! Hopefully my power holds out! It’s storming like crazy! I did take this awesome shot today, though! It’s like a battle of good and evil over my house!

It’s always the simple things.

Published June 6, 2012 by Ema Volf

I have to say, I’m enjoying my editing day today. I have a smile that won’t fade. Not because I’m editing. I’m pretty convinced that editing and masochism are related, at the very least. But because I’m sitting here editing with my 7 year old next to me with his nose buried in a book. That’s a sure sign that I’m at least doing SOMETHING right! 😉

Midnight Music

Published May 24, 2012 by Ema Volf

I’m up late editing and this came on my Pandora Station! This is one of my favorite songs EVER! It’s beautiful and heart-wrenching and I love to sing along! And when I was in high school I’d tell you that I was going to marry Alex Band (Lead Vocals). Good thing he’s a bit unattainable! My husband would be out of luck! ♥

Just kidding! … Or am I? 😉


Published May 21, 2012 by Ema Volf

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA for the last couple of days. Birthdays everywhere, my son just had his last day of the 1st grade, among other things.

I’ve also been busy editing. I’ve found that a couple chapters DEFINITELY needed rewriting. But, that’s what the editing process is for. Working out as many kinks as you can before you send it out. While there is a point where you have to stop, I’m unconvinced that you really can edit too much. Even if you have a seemingly “perfect” manuscript, there’s always something that could be done. Slightly discouraging, I think. But I want to be happy with what I release, and I’m just not quite there yet. Close. But not quite.