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Published September 21, 2012 by Ema Volf

Tomorrow is my Facebook Release Party! Lots of fun and prizes! I hope to see you all there! The link to the event is below!



Halloween Excitement!

Published September 8, 2012 by Ema Volf

So, I have been chatting with the girls from R&M Fab Book Reviews a lot lately! I swear, Ruthi & Maryann are miracle workers! They’re even helping me out with a Facebook Book Release Party!

Anyways, they are having a big event next month, from the 14th to the 31st! It’ll be a full two weeks of reviews, interviews, and even a giveaway! Several amazing authors are going to be a part of it! Some, I’m excited to say, are a few of my favorites! I’m ESPECIALLY excited because I was also asked to take part in it! I’ll be posting more when we get closer, but I just had to say I’m ecstatic and can’t wait!

If you guys haven’t checked them out on Facebook, you really should! They’ve always got something going on! The link to their blog is in the buttons on the right! Their facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/RmFabBookReviews


Published August 25, 2012 by Ema Volf

Release Day for the ebook of The Rapture of Avery Maye will be September 22nd! Ruthi and Mary Ann from R&M Fab Book Reviews have offered to help me with a Facebook Online Release Party!

I also received the cover today! I’m so excited!

Orphaned at thirteen, Avery Maye spent most of her life keeping her head down and blending into the shadows, trying to survive in a world bent on self-destruction through warfare and a never-ending quest for power. Unable to trust any but herself, her only friend was an apparition named Alec.

Ten years later, she fell asleep in the home she’d always known, only to wake in a new world, galaxies away. She soon discovered that her imaginary friend, Alec, was not an apparition at all, but very much real, as were the creatures from her best dreams and the monsters from her worst nightmares.

Overnight, she gains everything she ever wanted and more: a new home, new friends, and powers beyond her imagination. On a new path to self-discovery, while learning lessons in love and loss, Avery is finally given the opportunity to do more than simply survive. She can finally start living.

But in every paradise lurks a snake. Her newfound peace is rattled by the arrival of a pair of mysterious visitors from the world she has been fighting to forget. Will they bring the fate of Earth down on her new refuge?

Anyone up for helping an author out?

Published May 16, 2012 by Ema Volf

I’m not sure how many of you have read The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter serial novel by Jennifer Malone Wright. If you haven’t, YOU SHOULD! Part 1 on its own is free for Kindle and Nook if you don’t believe me! If you have read even Part 1, can you please post the review on the Collector’s Edition page?

As an extra incentive, she’s giving away 3 bumper stickers in a drawing. Posting the review is how you enter! After you post your review, send her a message with your mailing address to The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter page on Facebook and she’ll get your stuff to you! EVERYONE who posts the review will get a Vampire Hunter’s Daughter bookmark, The Birth of Jaiden bookmark, and a business card! All of them will be autographed! Also, if she hits 50 by tomorrow, she will add a special swag product into the drawing! Please help her out and share!


When she hits 50, the amazing JH Glaze has offered a PRINT copy of his book, The Spirit Box, for the drawing! I haven’t finished this one yet, but well over halfway through and so far it’s AMAZING! Definitely will be an awesome win!

Also, a little birdy told me that the ebook version will be free tomorrow! Make sure to pick it up!