Impromptu Online Music Party with Cat Miller

Published April 27, 2012 by Ema Volf

Yep! You read that right! LOL! That’s what the awesome Cat Miller, author of Unbound, and I (and chunks of our friends’ lists) were doing last night on Facebook! Lots of LOLz were had! Especially when so many of our friends were joining in! I love goofy nights!

PS – We were breaking out some of the good stuff from way back in the day! Well … The stuff that has good memories tied behind it anyways. LOL!

NKOTB, BSB, NSYNC, Robyn, Will Smith, B*Witched, LL Cool J, House of Pain, Silverchair, Collective Soul, The Calling, and only a bazillion others. And it all started with Britney Spears. We might have gotten a little carried away … LOL!

PPS – The whole point of this seemingly pointless entry is that I recommend at least one of these a month. Serious LOLz = sanity saved! 😉

PPPS – Go snag her book. Just saying. LOL!


Apparently this book is for 99 cents until Monday! Even more reason to snag it!


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