To-Read List

Published April 6, 2012 by Ema Volf

I have been blessed with several book recommendations. I’m pretty indecisive when it comes to which book to pick so really any recommendation is a blessing. I’ll probably add reviews to this blog if I really have something to say about them. And I’ll definitely be leaving reviews places these books can be purchased. I’m a firm believer that all authors need feedback, good or bad. And if I like them, I’ll definitely be purchasing more books by these authors. So here’s my list of books I’ll be reading:

  1. Betrayal (The Descendants) by Mayandree Michael
  2. Frey (The Frey Saga) by Melissa Wright
  3. Glamour (Rae Wilder) by Penelope Fletcher
  4. Glimpse (Zellie Wells) by Stacey Wallace Benefiel
  5. In Her Name: Empire by Michael R Hicks
  6. Marysvale by Jared Southwick
  7. Paradox – Progeny Of Innocence by Patti Roberts
  8. Shatter (The Children of Man, #1) by Elizabeth C Mock
  9. Summer’s Crossing (The Iron Fey) by Julie Kagawa
  10. The Awakened: Book One by Jason Tesar
  11. The Book of Deacon by Joseph Lallo
  12. The Dark Hunger: A Paranormal Erotic Compendium by Amanda R Browning, SJ Thomas, Candy Crum, Robert M West, and Niki Contreras 
  13. The Strange Case of Finley Jayne (The Steampunk Chronicles) by Kady Cross
  14. The Withering Darkness: A Paranormal Horror Compendium by Candy Crum, SJ Thomas, Amanda R Browning, AJ McKinley, Corinna M Hypes, SJ Davis, Gary Pruitt, Tianna Scott, and Niki Contreras
  15. Thirst (Ava Delaney #1) by Claire Farrell

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